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About Us

About Us


Periodical Assessment and Maintenance of Quality Rather than Quantity has Been the Motto, and that has been the sole Reason for its Progress during the Past 42 Years in this Highly Competitive Field.

Today this Centre is recognized as one of the Premier Institution in South India for diagnosing all types of Thyroid Disorders. This Centre has so Far Diagnosed Thousands of Patients with Thyroid Problem and is a Favored Centre even for Patient outside India.

Dealing with Thyroid Disorder Management Program, Namely Goiter Control, Nodular Management, Thyrotoxicosis, Iodine 131 Treatment and Cancer Thyroid Therapy since 1975.

The Treatment for Hyperthyroidism (Thyrotoxicosis) is Carried Out using Radio Iodine (I-131) which is an International Accepted Treatment Modality. This Centre So Far Treated Over 15,000 Hyper Thyroid Patients in the Past 42 Years and Relapse is very Minimal Due to Accurate Dose Calculation. On the Financial Aspect, I-131 Treatment is very Economical & Cost Effective with Equal Cure Rate as That of Surgery.

Treatment for thyroid


Treatment of thyroid depends on which type of thyroid is diagnosed, and the effects on the gland and patient symptoms.

In some cases, thyroid hormone replacement is used to treat resulting hypothyroidism. The treatment is often tapered off, to determine if the hypothyroidism is permanent and requires continued treatment.

Painful forms of thyroid are sometimes treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen or aspiring. For severe or prolonged thyroiditis, steroid treatment is sometimes used.

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